CHICAGO (CBS) — “I give my hundred hugs, which I love, daily, as it might be their only hug for the day,” kindergarten teacher Tina DuBrock reads from a Facebook post she wrote that’s captured quite a bit of attention.

She refuses to allow all the negativity with school shootings and gun debates get her or her young students down.

“I have been losing a lot of sleep lately. My news feed is full of school shootings, school safety plans, gun control debates, and arming teachers. What bothers me most is parents blaming schools/teachers and teachers blaming parents. I am not here for this part of the debate,” DuBrock’s post says. “I want to see action.”

She helps mold the minds of the youngest students at Protsman Elementary School in Dyer, Indiana. However, teaching in 2018 involves much more than just ABC’s and 123’s. DuBrock wanted to turn angst over current events into action. So, she issued a challenge.

”The Kindergarten Team,” as they call themselves, came up with a wish list of mental wellness books and supplies to help in their classrooms.

“We plan to build our own curriculum around them and also have them available to other grades in our building to use as a resource,” DuBrock said.

Countless books have since come pouring in to help six dedicated educators get across important lessons to their students.

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