CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Police Department says it will expand “new technology” it says has been effective in reducing crime.

The new tools will go to the 5th District.

The technology takes the form  of “single platform intelligence centers, gunshot detection systems, POD camera expansion, and mobile technology.”

CPD’s new “smart policing strategy” comes as the department doubles the number of districts utilizing the strategies this year.

In the 5th (Calumet) Police District, there will be a station-based Strategic Decision Support Center, district-wide ShotSpotter gunshot detection system and POD crime cameras.

Phone technology will be installed to help police to prevent, combat and respond to violent crime.

“Utilizing data and technology has been an integral part of our efforts to reduce crime over the past year and this latest expansion will help to build upon that progress,” says CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

During 2017, CPD says the combination of tools and personnel were implemented in six police districts on the south and west sides.

CPD says that’s where gun violence presented the greatest challenge for decades.

During January of this year, the technology was expanded to the 3rd (Grand Crossing) and 4th (South Chicago) Police Districts.

Across all eight police districts using the tools, CPD says shootings are down by nearly 34 percent compared to the same period last year.