CHICAGO (CBS) — Calls for prayers after a firefighter is seriously injured while battling a blaze in Lawndale.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports from Stroger Hospital.

Four people were displaced in the blaze that the firefighter was helping out with.

He remains in the hospital.

Before 9:00 a.m. firefighters tried to smother the flames and smoke that spread to two buildings on St. Louis Avenue near Ogden.

“The fire was all on the side of the building catching on to the house next door,” says one witness.

Two firefighters were injured in the process.

Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago says one emergency responder who was battling the heat and fire had an emergency of his own.

“Firefighter Michael Manchester had medical emergency where he went down and he was unconscious,” says Santiago.

“Put Michael in your prayers,” says Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“He just recently he was able to open his eyes. He was able to move and he’s in there with his parents,” says Santiago.

“The good news is from the incident to now he gained consciousness,” says Emanuel.

“I feel sorry for them really bad you know,” says another witness.

“This does remind all of us that when that horrific call comes all of us run away from that dangers but our firefighters in Chicago run towards it,” says Emanuel.

Manchester’s condition is described as serious to critical and has stabilized.

Another firefighter suffered a minor injury and is expected to be OK.

The blaze appears to be accidental.