CBS Local — The Utah State Bar is apologizing after an embarrassing e-mail, which included a picture of a topless woman, was accidentally sent to all of the state’s lawyers.

The March 5 e-mail blast was supposed to be advertising the Bar’s 2018 spring convention in St. George however, the photo of a woman’s bare chest somehow made its way into the bottom of the flyer. “We are aware of the situation,” Bar communications director Matt Page told The Salt Lake Tribune. “We’re investigating how it got out.”

The e-mail was reportedly sent to every active attorney in Utah before officials were alerted about the mistake. The Bar quickly issued an apology on social media that same evening. “We are horrified,” executive director John Baldwin said. “Our goal is to find out what happened and insure it never happens again.”

The error is particularly embarrassing for the state lawyer’s association because of Utah’s 2016 declaration that pornography was a “public health crisis.” “There’s a particular psychological and physiological detriment that comes from addiction to pornography,” said Gov. Gary Herbert.

Bar officials are reportedly looking into whether the organization was hacked before the letter was sent. Mr. Page told reporters the image was never part of the original e-mail when he created it.