CHICAGO (CBS) — Have you been a little distracted today, filling out your March Madness bracket?

CBS 2’s Jim Williams talked to a bracket expert, who explains why it’s harder this year to predict what team is going to win the NCAA basketball tournament.

We pour through the box scores and study the tape. But all that analysis still might leave us empty handed, according to CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm.

The character of this tournament — how does it differ from years past?

“It’s a much more wide open tournament because there hasn’t been a dominant team in college basketball this year,” Palm said.

Still, the bracketologist offers his fearless Final Four prediction:

North Carolina.

“There’s not a lot of weaknesses on North Carolina.”

Purdue, which Palm attended.

“They are a legitimate Final Four contender.”

Arizona, he says, gets into the Final Four by beating the overall number one seed, Virginia.

“I’m going with talent because talent tends to show up in this tournament. And as good as Virginia is, Arizona is one of the most talented teams in the country.”

But Duke, he believes, will beat Arizona in the championship game.

“The Duke pick is the most talented team, the best coach — that’s why I picked them to win the whole thing.”

As for the Chicago favorite, Loyola, Palm sees at least one win for the Ramblers.

“Loyola got a team in Miami that is not going to overwhelm them athletically. Loyola is a team that won at Florida earlier this season. Florida was a pre-season top ten team.”

Want an edge in the office pool? Palm suggests looking at small school teams that have had success against bigger schools this season, or teams with lots of seniors.

To check out Palm’s filled out bracket, click here.

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