CHICAGO (CBS) — A witness describing the chaos In Miami.

After a bridge collapsed onto a busy roadway at Florida International University, crushing cars below.

Four bodies pulled from the rubble.

There are another nine victims hospitalized as the search for survivors continues.

We’re learning the firms that built that bridge have a history of safety complaints.

CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos looks into the new construction method now under scrutiny.

Just days ago it was hailed for its design and safety.

950 tons of concrete and steel was supposed to be able to withstand a category five hurricane.

Today it came crumbling down.

Crushing cars underneath.

More than 100 firefighters on scene.

Rescue workers drilled holes into the pile.

Crews used listening devices, fiber optics and search dogs to locate victims.

The bridge was built over the weekend using the ABC method – accelerated bridge construction.

Bridges are built offsite and then moved in just hours or days.

Like this bridge that was replaced in south suburban Kankakee in just three days.

The short-term construction is designed to minimize traffic interruptions and it’s supposed to be safer.

“There will be an exhaustive review that will give details on engineering and scientific level as to what the errors were and what led to this catastrophic collapse,” says Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

CBS 2 has learned the FIGG Bridge Group is associated with both the Sweetwater FIU bridge project and the Cline Avenue bridge replacement in East Chicago Indiana.

CBS 2 reached out to FIGG and East Chicago city officials for comment and got no response.

Both firms that built the bridge say they’re fully cooperating with investigators on the scene.