CHICAGO (CBS) — A rash of armed robberies swept through the Northwest Side early Monday.

A manhunt continued late Monday morning for three or four suspects last seen driving in their getaway car, a black Nissan believed to have been stolen.

It was an extremely busy night for a group of armed robbers who were involved in at least 10 stickup son the Northwest Side.

Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said the robberies have a common thread

“When they see victims not paying attention, they strike,” he said.

The robbers started just after midnight, and kept it up for hours. Several carjackings were reported, according to police radio dispatchers.

Holdups were reported on Wilson, Christiana, Kimball, and Albany; among other streets.

On Montrose and St. Louis, police swarmed an alley where robbers tried to stick up a livery driver.

Police said the livery driver had remote started his car around 5 a.m., and spotted a group of people approaching the vehicle in a parking lot behind his apartment building. One person jumped into the running vehicle, and the livery driver fought back, managing to force at least one of the robbers out of his vehicle.

Another suspect went to a getaway vehicle, grabbed a gun, and began threatening the livery driver. According to witnesses, the suspects then drove away in a black Nissan.

The livery driver was slightly injured in the struggle, but did not want to go on camera.