CHICAGO (CBS) — Fritz Kaegi defeated incumbent Joe Berrios in the Democratic race for Cook County Assessor.

A third candidate, Andrea Raila, was crying foul after election judges incorrectly instructed via text message today that a vote for her wouldn’t count.

Kaegi is a retired hedge fund investor who ran to effect change in the way the Assessor sets rates.

Berrios heads the Cook County Democratic Party.


Published studies showed Berrios sets rates that favor wealthy property owners at the expense of the less well to do. Critics say that system makes it unfair for those who can’t afford to hire a lawyer like Berrios to get a reduction. Berrios has a private practice that specializes in that work.

Kaegi enjoys the support of liberal Democrats like Betty Lu Saltzman, an early supporter of Barack Obama.

Berrios enjoys the support of property tax lawyers, developers and property owners.