CHICAGO (CBS) — We’re days away from the most important college basketball game Chicago has been a part of in decades, but Naperville has been connected to one member of the Loyola basketball team since long before this Cinderella run.

Ramblers coach Porter Moser grew up in Naperville, and his family has a major footprint there far beyond basketball; credited with developing and nurturing the community.

“You will see an imprint from the Moser family. They literally built a lot of what you see,” said Rena Tamayo-Calabrese, president and CEO of Naper Settlement, the city’s museum.

Tamayo-Calabrese said the Moser family built thousands of homes, and donated millions through the years.

Porter Moser’s father, Jim, supplied lumber. He passed away years ago, but you’ll see his statue in downtown Naperville.

Tamayo-Calabrese said the family helped establish the DuPage Children’s Museum, funded the Moser Tower, and helped create the Naperville Riverwalk.

After Porter Moser graduated college, he was going to work for the family business, but instead told his father his dream was to coach basketball. His father asked him to follow that dream.

“He is known to carry his dad’s memorial card with him. It reminds him that he is everything that he is today because of his dad,” Tamayo-Calabrese said.

Jim Moser apparently got the riverwalk idea after visiting Texas, and brought it back to Naperville. Loyola fans are hoping his son also can return from Texas, but with a national championship.