CHICAGO (CBS) — On this Good Friday, we wanted to take a look at what Sister Jean’s time in the spotlight has done for all nuns.

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole introduces us to some hard working Chicago women motivated by faith.

The nuns at St. Scholastica Monastery are reviewing their brackets.

Sisters motivated by a woman they knew in their youth.

“She’s a shot in the arm for all religious women,” says Sister Mary Melady.

Melady is talking about the Loyola Ramblers’ 98-year-old chaplain Sister Jean.

“She was Sister Jean Delores when we knew her,” says Sister Judith Murphy.

At Mudelein College Sister Jean helped teach these women and many other nuns in Chicago philosophies of education.

Even then, Jean the Dean also provided spiritual guidance.

Coming forward as a nun, showing faith is part of all aspects of life, even a basketball tournament, is what touches the sisters most.

“She breaks the stereotype people have of Catholic religious sisters,” says Melady. “It makes me feel wonderful just to watch her.”

“It’s a very wonderful lesson she can give without even trying to teach a lesson,” says Murphy.

Sister Jean has been inspiring the team for years.

But in recent years the sisters’ say she’s also made a point of riding the Loyola shuttle between the downtown and Rogers Park campuses, just to be there to help talk to students along the ride about faith.

Vince Gerasole