By Roseanne Tellez

CHICAGO (CBS) —  Three home invaders are caught on tape and Chicago police are hoping the public can provide clues that lead to an arrest.

In the video, they had a crowbar ready. However, as CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez reports, they weren’t ready for the greeting they got at the door.

A security camera was rolling just after 9 a.m. Monday as three masked men entered a backyard in the 3300 block of Warner Street and tried to force their way into the home.

“There were three people – two had guns – one had a crowbar,” said resident Robert Mitchell.

Mitchell’s friend heard the commotion and went to the back door.

He confronted the men and they eventually retreated.

“He’s stupid for doing it, but he just jumped back there and was like,’What the hell.’ He just got big and scared them,” said Mitchell.

His friend was not hurt, and the back door was only slightly banged up. Still, Mitchell says the damage is done.

“Yeah, it spooked us enough that we’re going to leave.”

But they’re hopeful images captured by the security camera – and now posted on social media – help lead police to the men responsible.

Mitchell says this is the second time someone has tried to break in in his two years here. Power tools were stolen from his garage last summer. Police say Area North detectives are investigating.