Chicago (CBS) – Chicagoans can publicly pay their respects to fallen Chicago Police Officers at a new memorial at Gold Star Memorial Park. Several officers were honored at the memorial site Friday, including Commander Paul Bauer, murdered in February outside the Thompson Center. His name and names of four other officers are officially etched in stone near Soldier Field.

Some of the men honored Friday passed away decades ago. Research determined their deaths were related to their time as Chicago Police officers. Many Chicagoans gathered today to remember the recent murder of Commander Paul Bauer.

Four other officers killed in the line of duty were also honored, including Police Officer Andre Van Vegten, Captain Joseph Palczynski, Probationary Patrolman Frank Hourihan, and Officer Bernard Domagala.

Commander Bauer’s friends say they’re grateful to have a place to visit him.

“It’s a beautiful day and a beautiful memorial for a wonderful man,” said Steve Matteo, Bauer’s friend.

The commander’s daughter spoke out at a gun violence walkout at her school earlier Friday, where she asked the community to do more than offer thoughts and prayers when tragedies like the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida happen.

“I was thinking about everything I’ve had to go through and everything these 17 families had to go through, and that’s what motivated me to make my speech,” Grace Bauer said.

Another memorial event for Commander Bauer and all of the fallen Chicago Police Department members will happen at the memorial in a week and a half for a 24 hour vigil.

Lauren Victory