Chicago (CBS) – Aurora Police arrested 52-year-old Lori Federman of Montgomery in connection with an incident in which she allegedly dragged a grocery store security employee with her car.

Federman is facing aggravated battery and felony retail charges in connection with the incident that happened on February 19. Police say it happened at a grocery store located in the 1900 block of West Galena Boulevard.

Federman was allegedly seen shoplifting meat and vitamins in the store when a 24-year-old female employee confronted her. The employee chased after her and Federman fled to her car.

Aurora Police say after getting into the vehicle, Federman grabbed onto the employee’s collar, pulled her partially into her car, and took off. After she let the employee go, Federman sped away through the parking lot’s east exit.

lori federman arrested for aggravated battery Woman Arrested After Allegedly Dragging Store Worker With Car

Lori Federman facing felony charges after allegedly dragging a grocery store employee with her car.
(Credit: Aurora Police Department)

The employee suffered minor injuries and was treated on the scene by the Aurora Fire Department Paramedics.

Detectives were able to find forensic items that pointed to Federman’s alleged involvement in the case. A warrant was issued for her arrest earlier this month and she turned herself into Aurora Police on April 18.