CHICAGO (CBS) — With suspected gunman Travis Reinking in custody after a fatal shooting in a Nashville-area Waffle House, attention now turns to his father, Jeffrey.

According to Metropolitan Police in Nashville, Jeffrey Reinking returned at least one gun to his son after the Tazewell County Sheriff’s department took multiple firearms away from Travis in August of 2017. Authorities are now investigating the Waffle House shooting weapons and how Travis Reinking got them.

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What we know about Jeffrey Reinking:

1. He is a long-time resident of Morton, Illinois.

2. Neighbors describe Jeffrey and his wife as well-liked, well-established and churchgoers.

3. He is the owner of J+ J Cranes in Tremont, IL, which is just outside of Morton.

4. He has a valid FOID (Firearm Owners Identification) card.

5. In August of 2017, the Tazewell County Sherriff’s department took multiple guns taken away from Travis. According to state law, Travis was allowed to transfer those guns to anyone with a valid FOID card. He chose his father.

The AR-15 assault rifle used in the shooting at a Nashville-area Waffle House that left four dead and four wounded. (Credit: Nashville PD)

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6. Will Jeffrey Reinking be charged with a crime? Federal authorities are currently investigating to determine if he broke any laws by returning the guns to his son.

Tazewell County State’s Attorney tells CBS 2’s Lauren Victory they will consider filing state charges after they receive information from the FBI. In Illinois, a person with a valid FOID card is not allowed to give guns to anyone who does not have a valid FOID card.

“At this point, our office does not possess enough information to determine if Jeffery Reinking committed a criminal offense. When our office receives information from the criminal investigation, particularly from the FBI, we will be in a position to determine if any violation of state law occurred,” says the Tazewell State’s Attorney’s office.


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