CHICAGO (CBS) — Authorities describe him as a serial rapist. Today, a former West Loop tanning salon owner is back in court for another day of his criminal trial.

This is the first of four pending rape cases against 47-year-old Marc Winner. The former owner of Soleil Tanning Salon is accused of four separate sexual assaults.

One of his accusers testified against him Monday, telling jurors he raped her in his West Loop apartment in July 2009, after a night of dinner and drinks with friends.

According to the Sun-Times, the woman is a former employee at Winner’s tanning salon on West Madison Street.

She testified that, after a night of drinking and doing cocaine, they were at his salon, when she began feeling uncomfortable, and tried to call her sister for help.

According to published reports, she told the jury he took her phone, led her to his nearby apartment, and sexually assaulted her.

“I’m saying, ‘Stop. Don’t do this. What are you doing? No.’ I’m just screaming,” she testified. “He pushed me back onto his bed. He has me pinned.”

Defense attorneys asked the woman if her memory of that night might have been flawed due to her use of alcohol and cocaine. She denied that.

Winner has been charged with raping a total of four women. He was facing five other accusations of rape, but the statute of limitations has passed on those cases.