Chicago (CBS) – Authorities are searching for a parolee who overpowered a guard and escaped  on Chicago’s Southeast Side.

Police say the offender, 29-year-old Kir Moorman, attacked an Illinois Department of Corrections employee around 10:30 Tuesday morning. Authorities searched the perimeter of the building on the ground and in the air around 81st and Burnham Streets. Moorman is wanted on a parole violation.

moorman kir 29 Police Search For Parolee Who Attacked Illinois Department of Corrections Employee And Ran

29-year-old Kir Moorman is wanted by the Illinois Department of Corrections after escaping custody in the vicinity of the 2700 block of E. 81st Street around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday. (Credit: Illinois Department of Corrections)

Chicago police aren’t releasing much information about the incident at this time, but say the offender attacked an Illinois Department of Corrections employee before getting away.

German Jones, a neighborhood resident, says he heard all of the helicopters outside. “I came up to the front and happened to look to my left and seen all these police cars over here going through this white car,” said Jones.

kir moorman mug Police Search For Parolee Who Attacked Illinois Department of Corrections Employee And Ran

Credit: IDOC

CBS 2 News asked Jones what he thought was going on when he first heard the helicopters. He responded, “I thought somebody had got killed or something and had got away.”

The heavy police presence was prompted by a radio dispatch, saying, “81st and Burnham, I got assist police units, 81st and Burnham, IDOC officer said she was attacked by a parolee, offender fled on foot with handcuffs. Officers in a white Chevy Impala on the corner.”

Officers canvassed the neighborhood looking for the suspect, warning police in the area to be on the lookout for a man wearing all white.

“They was driving around telling us to lock our doors and stuff because someone had escaped,” said Jones.

Jones says police didn’t provide neighborhood residents with any further information other than instructions to lock doors and stay inside.

Police have not released information on if the parolee has been caught. The IDOC released his mug shot and custody dates, which include:


Armed robbery/no firearm – 2/19/2014

Residential burglary – 10/17/2011

Felony possession/use of firearm – 10/17/2011

Posession of Meth < 5 grams – 9/19/2008

Robbery – Robbery – 5/22/2006


The IDOC says no further details cannot be provided at this time.