CHICAGO (CBS) — They are apps making a game out of plastic surgery.

Some say they are anything but entertaining when kids use them.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov has the story.

A nip here, a Botox injection there. It’s all on plastic surgery game apps, allowing users to perfect a face. Some are cartoonish. Others let users use their own face.

Critics say many target teens and they don’t like it.

“They’re telling kids that you need to change yourself and you need to use plastic surgery in order to achieve these goals,” said Diana Dezna. She’s with Endangered Bodies, a group that started a petition asking Google, Apple and Amazon not to carry kid-targeted, plastic surgery apps.

Adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Mitch Glaser agrees they’re not a good idea.

“I think it can lead to obsessive thinking about their appearance,” said Glaser. “And that can lead to more depression and anxiety.”

At a time when body image in the still developing tween and teen brain can already delicate.

“It will create this idea that plastic surgery will be able to accomplish more than it can,” said Glaser. “It will create these unreasonable expectations.”

Dr. Glaser says obsessive use could even lead to unnecessary medical procedures down the road.