CHICAGO (CBS) — Three car owners in the Albany Park neighborhood woke up to a boom Thursday morning, when a huge tree limb fell on their vehicles, thanks to powerful storms overnight.

The massive branch came crashing down on the 3800 block of West Leland Avenue.

A Honda Civic took the brunt of the damage, as the limb crashed on top of its hood and front windshield.

The rear of an SUV parked in front of it also was damaged.

A Toyota Avalon across the street also had damage to its front and rear windshield, as well as the roof and sunroof. The owner placed a tarp on top of the car to prevent any further rain damage.

“I’ve had a couple hours to let it sink in. I’m really upset,” Misty Hernandez said.

Hernandez said she was trying to remain calm, and hoping insurance would cover most of the damage.

Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation crews were working to cut up the tree limb and remove debris from the street.

The department said crews were working on 24 storm cleanup projects across the city.

Lauren Victory