By Derrick Blakley

CHICAGO (CBS) – Emanuel announced progress in a long-term plan to reduce all Chicago streetlights with brighter, energy-saving LED fixtures Tuesday.

“Saves money, saves energy, and achieves our safety goals for every neighborhood in the city of Chicago,” stated Emanuel.

Emanuel claims he’s ignoring the list of candidates lining up to seek his job.

Lori Lightfoot, who believes Emanuel’s police reform hasn’t gone far enough, resigned from the Chicago Police Board Monday and is about the enter the 2019 mayoral race.

Former Chicago School’s CEO Paul Vallas announced last week he is joining the mayoral race, delivering blunt criticism for the current Chicago mayor.

“People don’t like the mayor. Sorry. They don’t like you, you’re a bully,” said Vallas.

“I’m not focused on personalities, I’m making sure we solve the problems of the city of Chicago,” said Emanuel.

CBS 2’s political reporter, Derrick Blakley, reports the mayor is raising a campaign war chest that other potentital candidates likely won’t match.

Emanuel has $5.1 million on hand, which is 50 times more than any of his challengers.

Businessman Willie Wilson has raised $107,500,  Former Police Superitndent Garry McCarthy raised $99,900, County Clerk Dorothy Brown, $14,000, and Principals Association President Tory Laraviere has $9,100.

Ja’mal Green, Neal-Sales Griffin, and Lori Lightfoot have not reported any campaign money at this time.

Emanuel says to ignore his horde of campaign cash and focus on his accomplishments.

“Make sure that we are using all our energy to not only solve problems, but build a future,” stated Emanuel.

In the past two weeks, Emanuel raised almost $3 million for his third-term campaign, including $1.7 million on a single day in April.

Willie Wilson loaned his campaign $100,000 last month.

Under state law, that removed contribution limits for all other candidates.