CHICAGO (CBS) – Chicago Police say they were conducting a traffic stop during a drug investigation when it turned into a police chase just before 6 pm Thursday.

A gray Nissan Altima fled on the Dan Ryan near 79th Street. Police say the chase picked up at 79th and Lafayette.

The vehicle hit two pedestrians and several other vehicles.

One pedestrian, a 55 year old woman, was transported to University of Chicago Hospital and pronounced dead.

The other pedestrian, a 30-year-old man, was treated on the scene by the Chicago Fire Department.

“I heard tires squealing and I turned and the car was up on its side coming through this light. Because of the way he was driving, he was doing over 100 miles per hour,” stated David Dodson, a witness to the incident.

Surveillance video from a nearby gas station shows the gray Nissan Altima blow through the intersection, hitting two people.

“A lady was hit and flew about 30 feet through the air,” recalled Dodson.

Keshia Williamson also witnessed the scene. “I saw two bodies laying on the ground, a lady and a man,” she recalled.

The car continued south on Lafayette, hitting an Uber driver’s car with a child inside near 83rd street, then hitting a Chevy Tahoe.

“We heard the boom. They hit another. We heard another boom. But they hit us,” recalled another witness. “They got out of the car. I thought they were coming over to see if we were okay, but they took off running.”

Chicago Police say after a short foot pursuit, the offenders were taken into custody.

Police say they have the offenders in custody.