CHICAGO (CBS) – A substitute teacher has to wear an eye patch and says a group of out-of-control students are to blame.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar has this original report.

“I’m in excruciating pain as we speak,” said Dr. Fourte.

Dr. Fourte is a retired educator and principal, spending over 30 years in his career field.

He says he’s wearing an eye patch because of what happened to him while he was substitute teaching Wednesday at Colin Powell Middle School in Matteson.

“Forty students in one classroom. It was very chaotic. It was terrible,” said Dr. Fourte. “They were very rude, they were out of their seats, just a very bad, negative environment.”

Dr. Fourte says the students he was teaching were so out-of-control, at one point he says administrators intervened, but once they left “someone in the room threw something very, very strong — very powerful — and it went to my left eye and damaged my left eye.”

The school board responded with a statement that said, “The primary concern of the Board is for the welfare and recovery of our teacher. We are currently investigating this matter and will move forward with appropriate action as quickly as possible.”

“I feel terrible because as an administrator and educator, no one should have to go into work in an environment that’s very disgusting like the one I was in,” said Dr. Fourte.

A police report was filed after the incident.

Dr. Fourte says he has retained an attorney and is exploring his options.

Charlie De Mar