NEW BERLIN, WI (CBS Local) – A Wisconsin student’s “promposal” is drawing both laughs and criticism after the teen referenced President Trump’s policies on illegal immigration on his sign.

The student from New Berlin Eisenhower High School posted a handmade sign to ask his date to the senior prom. The play on words read: “Will you make my night — Trump all others and let me deport you to prom?”

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A picture of the teen’s sign that was posted online was later taken down on May 9 after receiving nearly 100 comments about the Trump-themed message. While some people took offense to the promposal – scolding the message as insensitive – other viewers saw it as an innocent way to have some fun.

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Fellow students at Eisenhower High School also jumped to support their classmate. “I heard people are making a big deal out of it and that it shouldn’t be so blown out of proportion,” one student said, via WDJT. “One of my best friends, he was thinking of a fun, creative way to ask his date to prom,” student Noah Birenbaum added.

“Obviously it’s kind of a current issue, but not something we thought people would be taken aback by,” the student sign maker told Insider.

The school district’s superintendent, Joe Garza, provided a statement about the controversial promposal to WDJT. “Promposals’ most often happen outside of the school day and off school grounds, as was the case with this one. That said, if any of our students or their families were offended by this photo, or in any other circumstance, we are always happy to have conversations with them and work to find ways to support them.”

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The Wisconsin school has not said if the teen will face any discipline for the sign.