CHICAGO (CBS) – Soccer is the most popular sport in Europe, with Team Handball coming in second place.

Team Handball is a fast and furious hybrid of several other sports.

A Team Handball competition is taking place in suburban West Dundee all week.

The USA Youth Handball team says they’re warming up for a North American championship game, part of the first international tournament held on U.S. soil since 1996.

After the national anthems, it’s time for the teams to play ball.

“It’s like water polo, drain the pool and put clothes on players,” explains Coach Craig Rot.  “It’s very aggressive, offensive style.”

“[It’s a] fun sport. Basketball, plus you can hit like football. Best parts of a bunch of sports,” says Richard Kanak, a Handball player.

The object of the game is to throw the ball into the goal, but the rules of three are in play.

“You’re only allowed to take three steps and you’re only allowed to hold the ball for three seconds,” explains Kanak. “Then you have to pass or dribble.”

The high school students on the U.S. team, including Taidhgin Trost from the Northwest suburbs, have long-term goals, to “continue playing and hopefully make it to the Olympics.”

Coach Rot expects at least one or two players from this year’s team to make the Olympic team in 2028 when the summer games return to Los Angeles.

The action continues tomorrow in West Dundee.