CHICAGO (CBS) – A program aims to bridge the technology gap between grade students and senior citizens.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports the Senior Tech Savvy Program at Earle Stem Academy in Englewood is in its second year.

Tequila Harvey, the grade school’s clerk, runs the program, but it’s middle school students, along with Lindblom Math And Science Academy Senior Malik Watts, that serve as the tech teachers.

Senior citizens pick the device for which they need help, whether it be a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Harvey says the program is both a lesson in technology and humanity, as well as fostering relationships beyond the screens.

“Humanity is really the bottom line. It’s bringing kids back to caring for our elderly,” said Harvey.

“It brings the community together,” said Watts. “By bringing the community together, I feel that’s the number one cause that will break up gangs.”

“It’s an amazing feeling to have, being able to help someone else,” said 6th grader Aiyonna Lewis.

Students say they’re chosen as tech teachers based on their grades, maturity, and knowledge.