CHICAGO (CBS) – Dixon High School Resource Officer, Mark Dallas, is on paid administrative leave after he shot and wounded the suspected shooter, Matthew Milby during an exchange of gunfire outside Dixon High School Wednesday.

Dallas says he can’t speak openly about what happened yet, but his attorney has released several statements.

Many are calling Dallas’ actions heroic. Dallas exchanged shots and wounded 19-year-old Matthew Milby, who is accused of walking into Dixon High School Wednesday during the senior graduation rehearsal with a gun.

The veteran officer, however, says he doesn’t see his actions as heroic, saying through his attorney, “Mark prefers different labels. His greatest pride stems from the titles ‘Police Officer,’ ‘Husband’, and most of all ‘Dad.’”

Dallas protected students and teachers who were forced to run from the school. His own son was also inside the high school gymnasium.

Cell phone video from the halls of the school shows where some of the bullets hit.

“It was scary. It was traumatizing,” recalls Cheyanne Anderson, a Dixon High School student. “I was nervous. I could hear screaming again.”

Students returned to the same gymnasium to finish their graduation practice Thursday.

Milby’s mom told CBS 2 she doesn’t know where her son got the gun he allegedly used, but State Police say the gun Milby brought to school was a 9 mm semi-automatic rifle purchased by his mother in 2012.

Investigators are still working to figure out how Milby got his hands on the gun.

Milby is out of the hospital and in jail on $2 million bond.

Charlie De Mar