CHICAGO (CBS) — They were looking for love, but instead say they got ripped off by dating services charging big bucks for their match making services.

“I lost my partner of 11 years about three years ago and so I was looking to date again,” said Jay Leibovitz .

“I want to go out on somebody’s arm, I want to dance, I want to go to the theater,” said Susann Doveikis.

Both looking for love and seeking help to find it.

Divorcee Susann Doveikis got a call from Lisa Galos from the Family Love matchmaking service — also known as Luv Biz. Galos is featured on a reality TV show called Love Blows.

Doveikis said Galos promised, “We’ll fix you up , you go to dinner and you make your own decisions… we will get you exactly what you want.”

Doveikis says she was never told the fee was $1,700.

“I was stunned,” recalled Doveikis.

Doveikis says she only got one match that did not match the criteria she requested and even her profile was filled with mistakes.

“They had me for blonde hair, they didn’t even have my correct height and weight,” said Doveikis.

The 2 Investigators tried to talk to Galos at her office, but she refused to answer questions.

“She says she has no comment and you have to talk to her attorney,” said a receptionist at an Oak Brook office building.

But the 2 Investigators talked to her ex-husband — Jim Antonsen — who also appears in the same reality show and with his ex-wife and other family members has operated several matchmaking services.

Antonsen denied the customer allegations that the matchmaking company is a scam or rip-off.

“Yeah, well its not,” said Antonsen. “We obviously match people, we’ve got thousands of clients, thousands of happy clients.”

“I think its a complete scam and a complete fraud,” said They were looking for love, but instead say they got ripped off by dating services charging big bucks for their match making services. Attorney Jay Leibovitz.

Leibovitz paid $5,000 for a lifetime membership with Chicago Confidential. That company is run by Jamie Antonsen, the son of Jim Antonsen and Lisa Galos who also pitched the company’s services to Leibovitz

“They promised to send me two prospective matches a week,” Leibovitz said.

But Leibovitz says he got less than half of that, many did not meet his criteria and he never got a date.

“In seven months to not even have introduced me face to face with one person I think is astonishing,” said Leibovitz.

“There is no guarantee that the people they want are going to want them,” Jim Antonsen told Zekman. When  clients file complaints, “We’re more than happy to continue matching them,” Antonsen said. “We’re more than happy to honor the contract.”

Both clients received a generic contract that does not specify any of the matchmakers dating services or costs.

It does say they have three business days to cancel and get a refund, as required by the Illinois Dating Referral Services Act. Both clients demanded a refund after the 3 day deadline saying the matchmakers misrepresented their services, which the state law prohibits.

“I believe it is a group of people that are targeting vulnerable people,” Doveikis said.

“They’re taking advantage of people with broken hearts,” added Leibovitz.

“Well everybody that comes to us has a broken heart,” said Antonsen. “We do our absolute best to match them”

Now both have filed complaints with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office  joining three other similar complaints against the matchmaking  services.