HOUSTON, TX (CBS Local) – A simple act of kindness has turned a good Samaritan in Houston into a local celebrity thanks to one photo.

Louis Jordan was heading to pick up his mother from work when he saw an elderly woman waiting for the bus on a sunny, Texas afternoon. “It was unbearably hot,” Jordan told reporters, according to WLKY. “I wouldn’t want to be out there in the sun.”

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That’s when the teen stepped in to shade the woman from the heat while she waited for her bus. Using an umbrella he had in his car, Jordan waited with the older woman for nearly two hours before her ride came.

“Come to find out, it was going to be a little longer for METRO Lift to come and get her,” the teen explained. “So we ended up waiting out there for an hour and 45 minutes.”

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The young man and his new friend Michelle, now wait for the bus under his umbrella on a regular basis. Jordan’s mother, Bernette Botts, took the viral photo which has drawn praise from around the country.

According to Botts, this isn’t the first time the teen has acted selflessly. Jordan saved his grandmother during the floods of Hurricane Harvey. “She was trapped inside, four feet of water, no power,” Botts said. “He called me back from my mom’s and said, ‘I got her.'”

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Jordan added that acts of kindness are remainders that there is still good in the world.