By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago mother says her son went to run an errand on a Wednesday morning, but never came home. Police believe Jeromme Russell was the innocent victim of a mysterious shooting.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov talked with his mother, who is still in shock.

“It just hits me different. I can’t describe it, but it does,” stated Anika Brewster, Russell’s mother, as she wiped away tears.

Anika Brewster says every passing day brings a wave of emotions, ever since her oldest child and only son, Jeromee Russell, was shot and killed November 1st.

“200 days,” Brewster said, counting each day since his passing.

Brewster says her 22-year-old son left that morning, like he always did, to go to a nearby gas station for iced tea. He was found in her crashed SUV near 80th and Manistee Streets.

Police believe he may have been shot while driving.

“He was going to the store for me. I know he never made it there because the stuff wasn’t in the car,” said Brewster.

She says her son was shot in the side of the chest, under his arm.

His case, however, is growing cold. Last weekend, Brewster, Russell’s two sisters, and friends went back to the neighborhood where the incident happened and handed out almost 200 flyers asking for help in the case.

Brewster says he loved his younger sisters and hoped to go back and finish college, adding an arrest and conviction could bring her solace.

Russell’s mother says there was nothing found in the car, suggesting he was simply driving down the street.

Police say they do not know why he was shot.

Jeromee Russell was one of 650 people murdered in Chicago last year.