By Charlie De Mar

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mario Batali is a target of a police investigation and now several of his business partners have parted ways following a 60 Minutes report.

Former Restaurant employees of Mario Batali spoke to 60 Minutes Sunday, detailing allegations of sexual assault against the celebrity chef.

“He would try and grab me. He’s a monster,” said a former female employee during the 60 Minutes report. “I think Mario Batali is a monster.”

Since the story aired, Italian market Eataly, which has a sprawling location in Chicago, is severing its relationship with Batali, who is a shareholder.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar spoke with a local business owner who is standing up to Batali.

Eataly released a statement saying, “Mr. Batali has had no direct involvement with Eataly since December 2017. We have initiated a process to compel the divestiture of his small, minority interest in Eataly USA.”

Serelli’s Finer Foods stopped selling Batali’s pasta sauce.

“To support my fellow women, we have decided we are not going to sell his product anymore,” stated Patti Serrelli of Serelli’s Finer Foods.

Serelli says she was once a fan of Batali, but now she’s sending a message, saying, “Me not supporting him is not going to make that big of a difference in his economic world, but it makes a statement for what we believe in here.” She says she no longer has respect for Batali, nor will she give him any money.

The restaurant group Batali was associated with is also in the process of ending their relationship.

The New York City Police Department confirmed they are investigating allegations against Batali.

In a statement to CBS News, the chef apologized for what he calls ‘inappropriate behavior,’ but denies any allegations of sexual assault.

Charlie De Mar