CHICAGO (CBS) — A feud has started between House Speaker Mike Madigan and one of his own members.

Representative Kelly Cassidy says she was forced to quit a $30,000 side job as a punishment for speaking out about the #MeToo victims in Springfield.

She says she called for an outside investigation, after women came forward alleging members of Madigan’s political organization had sexually harassed them.

The Speaker denies trying to silence Cassidy for speaking out about the issue.

Today, he sent a letter to the Inspector General stating: “I am writing to ask you to investigate recent allegations of possible sexual harassment and retaliation made by State Representative Kelly Cassidy.”

“My constituents support me and I am able to come forward with a lot less fear than most of the folks in this building who have a great deal more at stake. Their entire livelihood is at stake. I’m not going to stop fighting,” said Cassidy.

The Senate Women’s Caucus offered Cassidy its full support Tuesday, vowing to stand with her to address a culture of fear or intimidation.