(CBS) — A sinkhole has appeared on the White House’s North Lawn, which has naturally spawned jokes on the internet.

The sinkhole, confirmed by groundskeepers, is just outside the office of White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley. The sinkhole, which groundskeepers remarked was smaller than they thought it might be, was roped off with cones and caution tape.

But, according to reporters who have observed it, it appears to be growing.


A sinkhole has appeared on the White House North Lawn.  JACQUELINE ALEMANY / CBS NEWS

On Twitter, the hole’s appearance garnered jokes about the president’s “drain the swamp” slogan and that the sinkhole was actually a portal to another dimension.


Others joked about how close the hole is to the press briefing room.

“It was noticeably bigger between Sunday and Monday,” one White House correspondent said.

The White House covered up the hole later in the afternoon.

CBS News’ Jacqueline Alemany contributed to this report.

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