By Ed Curran

CHICAGO (CBS) — Spring has been tough on trees this season due to the record amounts of rain.

Evan Shore, an arborist with Davey Tree Experts, says the wet weather has made fungus very active, causing havoc on all of the trees. He says fungus has been attacking Spruce trees.

“It’s being infected by rhizosphaera and it’s causing needles to fall off the bottom of the tree,” said Shore.

Rhizosphaera is a growing problem. Shore says to stop the fungus from growing, the trees need to be professionally sprayed right away.

Crab apple trees are also experiencing problems.

“They get a disease called Apple Scab and it actually makes the leaves fall off around June or July,” Shore explained.

Three fungicide sprays are usually successful in curing the fungal growth.

The Bark Beetle causes Elms to fall. They’re active now, which is why Shore says they only trim Elms and Oak Trees in the winter.