By Charlie De Mar

UPDATE: The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says this case is connected to an earlier SWAT team standoff in Antioch.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police say they responded to reports of a woman armed with a long barrel gun, standing in the southbound lanes of Route 41, just north of Grand Avenue in Gurnee Wednesday afternoon.

“Her fingers right on the trigger, she’s got the barrel to her chin. Her finger is on the trigger of the rifle,” police reported through their radio system.

The woman appeared to be putting pills in her mouth while waving the gun toward officers when she was shot by Gurnee Police.

The woman later died at the hospital.

“I almost fainted,” said Dragica Pesic, a neighbor. “I don’t know what to say. I’m just scared, still scared, still shaking.”

Police say the incident started in front of John Luptak’s house near Gould and Harper and that’s when Luptak’s son called police.

“My son went over to the car and took a look at the car and noticed two adults passed out in the car,” stated Luptak.

When paramedics arrived, the heavily armed woman took off in the car with a male passenger passed out inside.

“They hit the fire truck and then, boom, shot down Harper Avenue,” recalled Luptak.

Police say the woman got out of the car on Route 41 after she crashed the car.

Earlier this week, a bank in Gurnee was robbed with a long barrel gun. Police say they are looking into a possible connection.

The two officers who fired their weapons are on administrative leave, per the department’s policy.

Charlie De Mar