CHICAGO (CBS) — Lake County Sheriff’s police say a deadly officer-involved shooting in Gurnee and a SWAT team standoff in Antioch hours earlier on Wednesday were connected.

Gurnee police were checking on a suspicious car Wednesday afternoon when they discovered an unconscious man inside. The female driver took off, then crashed into a wooded area.

Officers later found her acting erratically, armed with a rifle on busy U.S. Highway 41. The woman appeared to be putting pills in her mouth while waving the gun toward officers when she was shot by Gurnee Police. She later died at the hospital.

The Lake County Sheriff’s office said, a few hours earlier, a man and woman rammed an Antioch police car during a traffic stop, and sped away.

A witness reported seeing a person in that car pointing long-barreled rifle and firing a shot.

Officers later surrounded a home on the 40500 block of Route 83 in Antioch, and tried to make contact with the people inside. Eight hours later, two people were taken into custody.

Investigators later determined the woman arrested after the standoff was a passenger in the car that rammed the Antioch police car, but the man taken into custody was not involved. That man has been released.

However, police said the man found unconscious in the car connected to the Gurnee police shooting also was driving the car that rammed the Antioch squad car. The woman shot and killed in that incident was a passenger in the car in the Antioch incident.

Police have not yet released the identity of the woman killed by officers. The unconscious man is expected to be okay.