CHICAGO (CBS) — Romeoville Police responded to a call of ducklings trapped in a sewer near the Jewel grocery store on Weber Road on Sunday, May 20 around 8:30 a.m.

Officers say they were able to rescue all of the ducklings while the mother duck anxiously waited nearby.

Dashcam video recorded the rescue of the baby animals.

“I was dispatched to the area … for ducklings that got trapped inside the sewer system,” says patrol officer Alex Escobedo. He called for help to lift the manhole cover.

Officers Alex Escobedo and Daniel Ponzi Credit: Village of Romeoville

Using a dog leash and net, patrol officer Daniel Ponzi and Escobedo scooped up the ducklings and freed them from the sewer.

Officer Escobedo says animals usually do not appreciate when someone approaches their babies, but he says in this case mom did not seem to mind.