By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — Rising gas prices may soon be derailing summer travel plans, according to a recent survey by Gas Buddy.

Those hitting the road this holiday weekend will be paying more than they did for a tank of gas this time last year.

Chicago drivers say they’re panicking at the pump.

“It’s getting more expensive! Why is it going up? do you know?” questioned one driver at the pump.

Gas Buddy Forecaster, Patrick DeHaan, points to many reasons for the spike. He says it’s seasonal, in Chicago there’s the required summer blend, and Opec is producing less oil.

“So if Opec doesn’t change course prices could continue to go up and up and up,” said DeHaan.

At a gas station in Pilson, regular gas is priced at $4.19 per gallon.

Christina Cortez says the only reason she stopped at that station is because her gas light was illuminated and she desperately needed to get gasoline.

“They got me at a desperate moment so what choice did I have?,” said Cortez.

DeHaan says right now in the Chicago area, the average price of gas is $3.33 per gallon, which is up 67 cents from this time last year when it was $2.66.

So far, DeHaan says the rising prices aren’t impacting other costs, but that could change.

“We’ve seen the CEO of American Airlines say it is starting to affect their bottom line, but that’s something in the near future that could start affecting airlines, shipping,” said DeHaan

DeHaan recommends shopping around for the best gas prices, which tend to vary block to block.

He says keep in mind, gas prices are still 60 cents less a gallon now than they were from 2011 to 2014.