CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Police say they conducted a series of raids around Chicago as one part of the police department’s Memorial Day weekend safety plan.

CBS 2’s Mai Martinez reports police have used raids ahead of holiday weekends in the past. The theory is if they can arrest criminals before the holiday weekend, those criminals won’t be on the streets to commit crimes during the holiday.

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So far, police say the raids have led to at least 100 arrests.

Chicago Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson, along with the special agents in charge of Chicago’s FBI and ATF field divisions, want to send a clear message to criminals in the city.

“These missions are not over,” stated Johnson. “We will not tolerate it and we will come after you.”

Special Agent in Charge with the FBI Chicago Field Division, Jeffrey Sallet, stated, “We have a short term plan, we have a medium term plan, and we have a long term plan to reduce violence in the city of Chicago.”

“We will prosecute you federally. We have agents on standby. We have the U.S. Attorney’s office on standby,” said Special Agent in Charge, Celinez Nunez.

Since early Thursday morning, Chicago Police have arrested at least 100 offenders, more than 60 of them convicted felons, and three of them on CPD’s top 10 most wanted list.

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Officers seized 30 guns, as well as drugs and cash.

Three of those guns were seized at a daycare located at 1044 W. Marquette Street.

“One of the weapons was recovered from a backpack, actually, in and around an area where the children were playing,” said Chicago Deputy Police Chief Alexander.

In addition to the raids, Chicago Police say officers will be out in force to help the city stay safe throughout the holiday weekend, which includes adding an additional 1,000 offers to patrol.

“Trust me when I tell you,” stated Johnson, “we’re putting the resources out there to ensure that those types of incidents don’t occur.”

90 of those arrested during the raids are facing felony drug and weapons charges. At least six of them will be facing federal charges.

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CPD says the raids will continue throughout the holiday weekend.