By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago hit 97 degrees Sunday. The hottest day in almost six years.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross talked to people trying to enjoy the day while beating the heat.

Any place in the shade and any place close to water.

At Millennium Park, dozens of kids and adults continue to savor those spots.

The breeze at 31st Street Beach provides relief for families soaking in the sun or grilling around a barbecue.

It also provides inspiration for artist Christina Villa.

“We have a beautiful view of Chicago today,” said Villa.

She’ll dip her brush into the water, making sure to dip herself into Lake Michigan periodically due to the heat.

“I’ve been waiting for this. I am a hot weather girl so I’m in heaven right now,” said Villa.

Ice cream bells are the sounds of relief are heard back at the beach where Villa’s landscape mimics the skyline.

Not all are thrilled with the temperatures. But the heat and conditions help her painting process.

“They dry really fast but I kinda like to work in layers so today that’s working out for me,” said Villa.

In the days ahead make sure to keep hydrated, drink plenty of water and if you have elderly neighbors be sure to say hi and check in on them.