CHICAGO (CBS) — Heightened security at a popular carnival after a rash of violence there over the weekend.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports from the Lane Tech Memorial Day Carnival.

The carnival opened at noon and police showed up shortly afterwards to make sure this carnival ends on a peaceful note.

The final day of the Lane Tech Carnival saw brisk ticket sales, big crowds and some young nervous patrons.

“This is a place where kids should have fun and it shouldn’t be a place where there is a concern for violence,” said patron Caslyn Rodriguez.

Violence broke our Saturday night around 8:30. A 15-year-old had been beaten. Sydney Bobbitt’s brother was a witness.

“There was a kid trying to get his a bike and then somebody else tried to steal the bike from him,” said Lane Tech student Sydney Bobbitt.

Around the same time there were reports of teenagers stealing a woman’s cell phone and shortly after 10:00 p.m. a 17-year-old is punched in the face by a suspect who steals his phone.

Police have been on high alert ever since.

“The police presence is more now than it’s ever been, making sure everything is safer,” said Mike Salerno, co-owner of Windy City Amusements.

Still, parents are being vigilant.

“We’re going to watch our kids. We’re not going to let them out of our sight,” said parent Karen Mellman.

Dorothy Tucker