By Mai Martinez

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago motorcyclist hit and killed by a driver who didn’t stop.

Witnesses said the victim was thrown from his bike and hit a tree.

We’re learning more about the victim, 22-year-old Steven Lajin.

Authorities are searching for the driver who killed him.

CBS 2’s Mai Martinez has the story.

It happened in the 5100 block of West Devon. Police are still looking for the hit and run driver, but so far have only said it was a small black vehicle that rear-ended the motorcycle.

22-year-old Steve Lajin was pronounced dead at Lutheran General Hosptial just after 10:00 Thursday night.

Police said Lajin was driving a motorcycle westbound in the 5100 block of West Devon when he was hit from behind by a small black vehicle.

According to a witness, the impact threw Lajin from the motorcycle. He was wearing a helmet but hit a tree which caused massive injuries.

Instead of stopping to help, the driver kept going.

Lajin’s loved ones, including his girlfriend of seven years, hopes police can catch the driver before they hurt or kill someone else.

“People driving like that, which is so reckless and it could take anyone’s life,” said Lagin’s girlfriend, Jennifer. “It could be a mom, a dad, a kid, a baby, a grandma, grandpa, whoever it is. Point being it should never, ever, ever be OK to rear end somebody and drive off.”

Jennifer said she and Steve were planning to get engaged soon.

She is still in shock and heartbroken that all the plans they were making for the future will not happen now because of someone’s reckless actions.