(CBS) — Special assistant to President Trump and director of rapid response Steven Cheung has departed the White House communications team, CBS News confirmed Monday.

Cheung’s departure was not described as a firing, but rather something the staffer had been eyeing for a while. He was one of the few remaining aides who had survived Mr. Trump’s transition from the campaign trail to the White House.

While Cheung, whose last day was Friday, has been a part of the Trump realm since his days as a candidate, he mostly kept a low profile in the White House while as he ushered in some of the administration’s biggest successes.

Cheung was reportedly a key player in confirming Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and assisting with the passage of the administration’s tax reform bill.

White House chief of staff John Kelly is attempting to overhaul the White House’s communications team following a leak that aide Kelly Sadler said Arizona Sen. John McCain’s opposition to now-CIA Director Gina Haspel didn’t matter because he was dying.

Sadler’s White House employment came to an end June 5.