CHICAGO (CBS) — The Korean community in Chicago is looking forward to what’s next from North Korea, after President Donald Trump’s historic meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Although Trump and Kim signed an agreement that North Korea would work toward denuclearization, and the U.S. would end joint military exercises with South Korea, there has not been any agreemen ton the details of how to achieve or verify that denuclearization.

“I’m so glad it’s happening now, and I applaud those leaders – Kim Kong Un and President Trump, as well as South Korean President Moon Jae-in – and I applaud their efforts and braveness to have this happen,” said Kyung Yu, vice chair the Chicago chapter of the of Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation.

She said she moved to the U.S. 40 years ago, and never thought she would see this day.

Charlie Dung, president of the Chicago chapter of the National Unification Advisory Council, said the agreement between Kim and Trump is only the first step to peace for North and South Korea.

“Everybody living in the United States, not only Korean American, tried to help; not only President Trump and North Korea, too. So hopefully through the summit we can have success, and we can enjoy our lives together,” he said.

Trump has said the U.S. will continue sanctions against North Korea until denuclearization occurs, but suggested sanctions might be lifted earlier than many experts thought possible.