CHICAGO (CBS) — With temperatures expected to soar in the middle 90s this weekend, it’s important to take precautions for your pets.

Do not leave a pet in a car: Even with windows rolled down, temperatures inside a car can still be 15 degrees higher than outside, experts say. It is against the law to leave a pet in a car when the temp is above 78 degrees, according to the Cook County animal control department.

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Keep pets cool outside: Provide water and shade. Animals with short coats or with white or tan fur are susceptible to sunburn, especially on their noses.

Get a haircut: For dogs with thick hair, cut those coats to one inch to keep your dog more comfortable while avoiding sunburn.

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 Take care of your dog’s paws: Asphalt and sidewalks are hotter than grass, and dogs’ paw pads are highly sensitive to heat. Walk your dog on grass, dirt or gravel.


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