CHICAGO (CBS) — Hot temperatures can become dangerous quickly. The City of Chicago is opening cooling centers and spreading the word about what people should do to stay safe in the excessive heat.

CBS 2’s Chelsea Irving reports from the Taste of Randolph, just one of the many events happening this weekend in the city.

The sun, heat, humidity, crowds, and alcohol can all add up to a dangerous situation.

“We feel great. We have been waiting so many months for this weather and enjoying what the city gives us,” said event attendee, Jorge Duran.

Duran is just one of the tens of thousands of people that will be out this weekend enjoying outdoor concerts and festivals.

Organizers of the events are taking precautions. At the Taste of Randolph, some vendors are offering free water. Many also have misting fans and extra tents set up to provide shade.

Michelle Krage of Star Events said, “We knew that we probably needed to accommodate more people and provide some shade, so we added that this year.”

Food vendors have already been roasting themselves over hot coals. They say they’re expecting even hotter temperatures in the coming days.

“You do about an hour, turn around, make sure we get everyone out of the sun. You don’t want anybody falling down,” said Joe Frietze, a Taste of Randolph vendor.

City officials are sending out life-saving reminders, saying it is important to never leave children or animals in the car, even for a minute. They also recommend checking on the elderly, who are especially at risk in extreme heat.

83-year-old Maria Kaplan said, “The days will be difficult here because weather will be hot and I don’t have anybody who can help.”

If you need to check on an elderly individual, you can request a well-being check by calling 3-1-1.

Officials recommend staying in air conditioned rooms or finding shade, as well as staying hydrated.

Alcohol is dehydrating. Officials recommend drinking two glasses of water for every cocktail.