CHICAGO (CBS) — The temperatures match the calendar and it’s getting hot out there.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross has the story from Pride Fest where organizers and festival goers are taking precautions to keep everyone cool.

Organizers say rain or shine the event will go on. The heat didn’t impact attendance.

The festival takes over Halsted Street from Addison to Grace. The event features musical acts, food and due to the weather, plenty of water.

Organizers are allowing you to bring clear, plastic, sealed bottled water in  and you’ll also see many with fans handed out at the fest  trying to create their own breeze to keep cool.

Others opting to rest in the shade. All critically important, given the period of dangerous temps throughout the weekend.

Many at the festival are prepared, as are doctors, looking out for heat related illness.

“It can be very, very subtle or it can be a slam dunk,” said Stroger Emergency Medicine Assistant Professor Dr. Tarlan Hedayati. “And so we try to keep it on our radar particularly on weekends like this.”

“Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean that the heat has gone away and so the temperature tends to rise throughout the late afternoon and early evening, and that’s when we will get an influx of patients,” she said.

Pride Fest continues through Sunday.

As do the concerns of heat-related illness due to the weather.