CHICAGO (CBS) — A barricade situation came to an end when police say a man took his own life after being shot by an officer.

CBS 2’s Vi Nguyen has the latest on the investigation.

Police spent more than ten hours at the scene near 95th and Commercial after receiving a call early Friday morning for a man with a gun.

Authorities said believe the 24-year-old man got into an argument with family members inside a home and fired shots before making his way to the garage.

“SWAT responded and the situation unfolded over the course of several hours,” said Chicago police sergeant Rocco Alioto.

Officers tried to get the man to surrender peacefully, but police say things came to a tragic end.

“Shortly after 2:00 a.m. there was an armed confrontation and officers discharged their weapons striking the offender wounding him in the lower body. Tragically, the offender was able to take his own life using his weapon.”

Some people living in the neighborhood saw the police activity.

A man asked CBS 2 not to show his face on camera.

“This one was something out of a scene from a movie because I’ve never seen so much police presence as far as SWAT teams,” said the man.

Others streamed the incident on Facebook Live where you can hear police talking to the suspect.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability is investigating this case. Police say the man’s gun was recovered at the scene.

The officers involved have been placed on administrative duties for 30 days. The medical examiner will determine the man’s cause and manner of death.