CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Department of Transportation has a bridge to sell you, and no that’s not a joke or a con.

Technically, you don’t even have to pay the city for movable Chicago Avenue bridge; but you would have to pay to remove it, fix it up, and assume any future financial responsibility for it.

Built in 1914, the pony truss bascule bridge spanning the Chicago River is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, but has fallen into disrepair, and the city desperately needs to replace it.

The bascule bridge over the Chicago River at Chicago Avenue. (Credit:

However, because of its historic status, the city can’t simply take it apart. Instead, they must list it for sale, and another government body, a collector, or someone else with the financial means could offer to take the bridge, restore it, and keep it at another location.

In order to take the bridge off the city’s hands, a buyer would have to sign an agreement that they will maintain the bridge and its historic features, and assume all future legal financial responsibility, possibly including an agreement to hold the city harmless of liability for the bridge. The buyer also would have to pay all costs for removing the bridge and hauling it to another location.

Proposals must be submitted to the Chicago Department of Transportation by July 13.