CHICAGO (CBS) — Another man has stepped forward, claiming he was sexually abused as a teenager by a former Lindenhurst Police Officer.

He is the third person to file a civil lawsuit over abuse that allegedly took place over more than two decades.

He exclusively talked to CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov.

“I was shaking in my kitchen. I was absolutely shaken up by it,” he said, claiming it was not easy for him to dredge up memories once forgotten, but triggered by a news report.

The man, who does not want his name to be released, says the memories of sexual abuse by former long-time Lindenhurst Police Officer Ralph Goar are detailed in the lawsuit.

“I laid down on the couch in the living room and he, you know, [assaulted me] on the couch,” recalled the man.

In his lawsuit filed Tuesday, the now 39-year-old man alleges Goar sexually abused him when he was a member of the Lindenhurst Police Explorers Club in the mid-1990s. Goar headed the club at the time.

This man’s lawsuit joins two previous lawsuits by other men alleging similar and repeated sexual abuse when they were also teenagers.

“I didn’t think it was anyone else besides me until this all came out,” the victim stated.

“It just shows there’s a pattern here,” stated the victim’s attorney, Eugene Hollander. “There’s probably a fourth one who has not come forward and probably others out there, as well.”

Hollander says one alleged victim, Robert Lowry, came forward.

There was an investigation, but Goar remained in the department. Hollander claims Goar went on to abuse another victim just one month later. Those claims are outlined in a previous lawsuit.

This John Doe has a message for Goar: “You can sit and lie all you want. You can deny what people are saying, but you know exactly what you did. People like me are not gonna let that go away.”

A Lindenhurst spokesperson says the Village is aware of the lawsuit and will review it to determine appropriate action, adding Officer Goar retired in May while under internal investigation.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov says Goar’s attorney did not return her calls for comment.