CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago officer involved in a deadly police shooting in 2015 is speaking out for the first time since the incident.

Tuesday afternoon, Officer Robert Rialmo testified in a wrongful death case, saying he had no choice but to shoot 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier. Rialmo also shot and killed LeGrier’s neighbor, Bettie Jones.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams was in court when Rialmo took the stand at the Daley Center.

He reports much of the testimony centered on the position of the baseball bat held by the 19-year-old Rialmo shot and killed.

Officer Rialmo arrived in court Tuesday escorted by Cook County Sheriff’s Deputies.

When Rialmo took the stand, attorney Bill Foutris, representing the family of Quintonio LeGrier, started off with pointed questions.

Foutris: “You shot Quintonio LeGrier?”

Rialmo: “Yes.”

Foutris: “Intentionally?”

Rialmo: “Yes.”

Foutris: “You killed an innocent bystander?”

Rialmo: “Yes.”

Foutris: “You sued the LeGrier family?”

Rialmo: “Yes.”

Foutris: “You are asking this jury to compensate to give you money for killing Quentonio LeGrier?”

Despite Rialmo’s attorney’s objections, the judge let the questioning continue. Rialmo answered, “Yes.”

Earlier Tuesday a forensic pathologist hired by the LeGrier family’s attorneys testified LeGrier’s wounds by five shots were inconsistent with Rialmo’s claims that the 19-year-old had raised a baseball bat over his head menacingly.

Dr. Judy Melinek said the gun powder residue on LeGrier’s body indicated he was further away from Rialmo than the officer told investigators.

Innocent bystander, Bettie Jones, was also killed. Her family reached a settlement with the city for $16 million. Rialmo will resume his testimony Wednesday morning.