By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — Because of the heavy rains, flooded roads are a big concern and a serious danger for drivers.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross has the story from the Buena Park neighborhood.

Dreary, gloomy and wet. That’s how some describe the day and it’s also a accurate description of several roads due to the downpours.

What Mother Nature sent streaming into Chicago, workers waded through and tried to send it elsewhere.

Tractor trailers were fender deep near 95th and Cottage Grove in Burnside. Traffic had to be diverted while workers tended to sewer drains.

Arinola Parlor’s car and others are drenched by street flooding.

“That’s my car over there,” she said. It’s inside the water already.”

Those conditions also seen at Damen Avenue and the Kennedy. The water may have stopped for a time, but traffic continued to go through.

At I-57 at Sibley, IDOT crews blocked off lanes as a safety measure.

The weather causing slick roads and slowing travel times as a result.

“I would say it’s worse here along the lake it seems, ” said Victoria VonBergen. “I got sprayed by a bus. I was not prepared.”

A squad car blocks off the North Avenue exit on Lake Shore Drive.

The underpass below is, for a time, under water.

Crews search for what’s causing the pooling problems. Squads keeping cars from heading in, and possibly heading into trouble.